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american veterans. and u.s. forces are right there again in a race against time, part of the effort to save families in the philippines. millions of people fought against perhaps the most powerful storm ever to hit land. the winds leaving behind so much devastation, one philippine official said tonight, "god must have been somewhere else." rescue teams now racing to help. abc's gloria riviera is reporting from the city that took a direct hit. >> reporter: i want to show you the watch tower. that gives you a sense of how high the water rose and everything around it where i'm standing completely submerged. i can see three cars, somebody's bed right there. as if a wave of debris came rushing up and stopped and in the middle of this mess is where they're trying to set up emergency operations. we soared in a chopper carrying bags of rice, below us devastation, home after home shattered, families living in rubble without food or water. police cannot come fast enough. this is why. new images of the monster up close. storm chaser jim witnesses the storm's impact first hand. >> it blew hard. it blew
us her 41-year-old cousin is the victim. he was at this intersection in vallejo when the female driver of this car struck him. >> i can tell you that there is no crosswalk in that area. it is fairly dark there. >> the impact knocked the victim into the next lane where he was hit and dragged by the 89-year-old driver. he finally stopped in front of emily's house. >> my children heard tires screeching. they looked out and saw the body under the tront end of the car. >> firefighters had to use air bags to lift the car and remove the victim who died at the scene. the elderly driver lives in her neighborhood. >> physically seems to do pretty well, gets around okay. most of the time we see him and he is walking. he gets around okay. >> the victim's relative tells us he regularly crosses this intersection and her cousin had been disabled by polio since childhood. in vallejo, alan wang, abc7 news. >>> new at 11:00, two men are in the hospital tonight after their truck crashed off a north bay road, flew down a 30-foot em bank meant and ended up on its roof in a creek. it happened near th
it to a whole new level for us. >>> and premiere cast. the "hungary games" gang in new york tonight as "catching fire" mania heats up to a fever pitch. it's going to be a record-breaking weekend. and we've got the inside look. >> announcer: keep it right here, america. "nightline" is back in just 60 seconds. hey! have you ever tried honey nut cheerios? love 'em. neat! now you on the other hand... you need some help. why? look atchya. what is that? you mean my honey wand? [ shouting ] [ splat ] come on. matter of fact. [ rustling ] shirt. shoes. shades. ah! wow! now that voice... my voice? [ auto-tuned ] what's wrong with my voice? yeah man, bee got swag! be happy! be healthy! that's gotta go too. ♪ hey! must be the honey! [ sparkle ] sweet. >>> good evening. and thanks for joining us. with thanksgiving around the corner, family dysfunction is on many of our minds. but in one courtroom today it's at a different level entirely. a mother of five accused of enlisting two hitmen to try to kill her husband. but this pernicious pair, not exactly pros. no, they were family. you could call it an inside
on jump in heartbeat. >> that is our report. thanks for joining us. >>> welcome to "world news." tonight the halloween nightmare playing out across a big part of this country. the flash floods, the dramatic rescues by raft, by helicopter, families hoisted to safety. abc's extreme weather team on the case tonight. >>> the breaking news late today, the justice department suddenly stepping in. the mysterious case of a teenager found dead in a high school gym. tonight you'll see the school surveillance tape. >>> ready for takeoff, the big change for anyone getting on a plane tonight. for some airlines it starts tonight. the fliers sending us their videos. >>> trick or treat. what happens when you unknowingly buy a so-called haunted house, the american families turning to the real-life ghost busters. >>> good evening on this thursday night. great to have you with us. diane has the evening off. we do begin tonight with that wicked weather on this halloween, millions of families taking a rain check literally on that trick or treating. here's why. a giant system on the move this evenin
. a major development only on abc7 news. >> reporter: sources cross to the investigation tell us they solved the mystery of the man who says he saw a person presumably lynn spalding at the bottom of a locked stairwell. now, everybody has been looking for this man, who reported what he saw october 4th, two weeks after spalding vanished from her hospital bed he told the nurse he saw the person lying on the stairs between three ready and 4th floors then, he left quickly the nursing supervisor notified a sheriff deputy to check it out. sheriff mirkarimi says deputies never did check that stairwell. the body was found four days later. the mystery person appears to be the only whoun saw the body during her long disappearance and gators have been looking for him, hoping he can provide answers our sources tell us that the man is a doctor. a visiting doctor from india, working at ucsf in san francisco general. at 6:00 tonight we'll tell you more of what we've learned and why the doctor finally came forward. >> now to police protest about to get underway. some residents in san francisco sa
evening. thank you for joining us. how far would you go for your faith. tonight over 100 churches stand in defiance of local laws banning the use of something shocking from their services. poisonous serpents. snakes on a pulpit. christians say they're true believers and vipers are as vital to the religion as the bible itself. the tradition dates back more than a century. law makers aren't so sure it should survive. i headed down south for our series "faith matters." >> reporter: what pastor jamie kutz is doing with the snake is either a christian ritual or criminal conduct depending on who you ask? ♪ ♪ >> he is a new preacher! >> reporter: in tiny churches in rural appalachia what began generations ago as an expression of faith is turning into a fight over religious freedom in america. they believe they are called by god to handle venomous serpents and comes from a passage straight from the bible which they take literally. they pick up serpents. if they drink any deadly poison it will not hurt them. in this small church of fervent believers we saw the pastors lay hand and healing pr
for us. >> several people warned me he would admit nothing. so after an hour and a half i drew as much evidence as i could in this. >> reporter: joe nayso headed from marin county jail to death row in the next week. he's taking his secrets with him. >> here, are you ready to admit anything? no. no. i'm not going admit to any killing or any crime. >> reporter: did you do it? >> no. no. >> did you kill anyone? >> no >> reporter: have you ever killed anyone? >> a judge found he is responsible for the murders of six women, dumping them in remote locations including a beach, an orchard and off the highway. police found a list of ten victims, not identified by name, but where nayso placed bodies. in this case investigators identified six victims but four remain. >> where are the bodies? >> what bodies? i don't know anything bit. >> in his words, girl near heelsburg. girl on mount tam. girl from miami. girl from berkeley. >> who are those women? >> you tell me. >> i don't know. you know. >> you're still playing games. >> nochlt ask the prosecution. i judge. i don't know. >> nayso says he's
you for joining us. everybody loves a good old-fashioned story of redemption, especially around the holidays. but have you ever heard of strip church? it may sound paradoxical, but for a group of suburban moms led by a former stripper it is never too late to be saved. they have the prayer circle to prove it. david wright joins their leader as she head back to the clubs for one unlikely recruiting job. pope john paul said the opposite of love is not hate, but use, as in using another person for sexual gratification. >> if you want to gather around. >> reporter: the christian tradition teaches love is all about giving yourself to other people. >> we pray for courage to night. we pray for humility. and we just pray that, security, bouncers, management, any bed th -- any bepd thody. lust is taking and coveting. taking a glance. lust is a mortal sin. why would born again christians venture into the lion's den of lust. because they're missioners. >> reporter: when i think of missionary work, i think of mother teresa, and the poor of calcutta, that sort of thing, i don't think of stile
at this campus used to be incredibly cheap. it used to be a public university living up to the mission statement of being for the public. now, it's becoming less about that. >> reporter: napolitano wants to make it easier for community college stewed dwroents transfer to the uc system. >> we have breaking news, four marines died in a training accident at camp pendelton in southern california this morning during a range maintenance operation. an sgags n now -- investigation is underway. >> perhaps you felt things shaking again today in san ramone. geologists say the 3.4 quake is part of a swarm of small quakes the quake hit this morning a mile northeast of san ramone followed by a 2.4 quake at 12:47 p.m . sky seven hd checked sab san ramone valley, found no visible signs of damage the quakes are not considered after shocks to yesterday's 2.9 quake. coming up at 4:55 we'll talk with experts to find out this is is something we should be concerned about. >> this is a good reminder for all of us to be prepared >>. california emergency management agency encourages you to keep emergency kits stocked w
>>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, thanks for joining us. 100 people are gathered voicing their anger to sonoma county supervisors over a sheriff deputy fatalling shooting a 13-year-old. andy lopez was killed two weeks ago while holding a realistic looking toy rifle. today is the culmination of protests each day. abc7 news reporter, amy hollyfield; in santa rosa. >> supervisors set aside two hows for the public discussion. they are 2 1/2 hours into the discussion. they say they want to hear from the public and they want the conversation to continue. >> the supervisors started the meeting with a some -- a solemn tone expressing sympathies. >> it is unimaginable to lose a child and imagine in this particular way. our thoughts and prayers are with the lopez family. >> some offered ideas. >> i would like to represent we consider today setting up a blue ribbon panel charged with recommending that practices and review boards and protocol for officer training. >> they called this special meeting to address the death of 13-year-old andy lopez shot
street nightclub, which hosted a hip-hop event on saturday. the owner told us he doubts anyone inside his club played a part in the crime. police hope surveillance cam florida the area will help identify suspects. >> nobody in custody at this point. our homicide vettors are working on various leads. >> police are asking for public for any information they may have about the murder. >>> tonight san jose police are investigating the city's 42nd 42nd murder this year. police officers found a man who had been shot and killed there have been no arrests. >> some self-described geeks and hackers met in san francisco to tackle gun violence through technology. tackers and community members met at the geek dom office and focused on be violence and the connection to mental health. >> we're also looking at applications that help families, individuals, parents, do a very quick and simple mental health assessment that can be used by a professional to intervene at the appropriate level. >> organizers say technology can cause people to become isolated and appreciate the irony when technology is used to h
this morning about netflix' expansion plan in the south bay. voters may have the final say. matt is joining us to explain from los gatos. >> business is. booing for netflix. the stock is up 275 percent this year. now the expansion plans are getting a boost in los gatos. in 2012 the los gatos town counsel aproved the expand of business court on the other side of highway 85 from the current 250,000 square feet to 485,000 square feet. lawsuits have been filed challenging the new heights of the building. two los gatos residents have filed a letter of intent to circulate a petition if approved will allow for the business park to go on as landed blocking the ability of a court to stop development until the year 2021. supporters say the development provides up to $1 million in new property tax revenues for the schools. opponents say netflix has signed a lease agreement to stay and the legal challenges are about responsible development in the town. no word on how many signatures will be needed to get this on the ballot. >> happening now, this is the first weekday commute since the new fourth bore of t
>> thanks for joining us. we aappreciate your time >>> welcome to "world news." tonight coming to america, exclusive fbi video, armed terrorists living and plotting in a kentucky town. how did affiliates of al qaeda sneak into the heartland. abc's brian ross investigates. >>> tourist taken. why was an 85-year-old american veteran traveling on a tour taken captive in north korea. >>> critical condition tonight, "world news" tackles your hospital bills out of control. >> it was shocking. >> why should you pay $15 for one pill that can be bought for three cents. >>> final flight, the view on air force one, what really happened in the plane as it carried president kennedy on his last trip from dallas back to washington 50 years ago. >>> and a good evening on this wednesday night. as we come on the air abc news has learned that the fbi is on the move, investigating evidence that trained terrorists were able to come into the u.s. as refugees and slip right into the heartland. it seems they sneaked in with thousands and thousands of legitimate refugees from iraq, and there are new ima
evening and thank you for joining us. a mystery in santa rosa tonight where police are trying to determine what happened to a boy found barely alive. now thank you for joining us. a 15-year-old boy was found bleeding and unconscious at montgomery high school, local high school. police tonight are trying to figure out what happened and think his injuries could be linked to a dangerous sport. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard is live at the school. cornell? >> reporter: the teen's name has not been released. he's at children's hospital in oakland fighting for his life. he was found here at montgomery high school laying outside of the gym. police wonder if he was playing an extreme sport on the roof. santa rosa police officers are talking to possible witnesses and looking for any evidence at the spot where a 15-year-old boy was found unconscious with severe head trauma. near the gym on the campus of montgomery high school. >> we're not sure what happened. if it was that he was the victim of felonious assault or if it was just an accident where he fell off the roof here while playing up on t
laws. and what i'm proposing is harder path. which is use our democratic processes to achieve the goal you want to achieve. >> you can see the president received cheers for the way he handled the heckler. who is this young man? for that part of the story let's go to vic lee live at the betty ng community center. quite a moment. >> reporter: well, dan, there are a half dozen protestors standing with the heckler behind the president of the. he was speaking and they call themselves dreamers they're supporters of the dream act. that is a bill that was first proposed about a dozen years ago which gives conditional residency to certain immigrants if they fulfilled certain requirements like schooling. >> i need your help. >> the heckler is a student at san francisco state and an undocumented immigrant from south korea. he became disappointed when the president failed to mention anything about the plight of illegal immigrants. >> 1.8 million undocument immigrant family members are, have deported and 1,000 are facing deportation every day. >> he feels it's an urgent issue. and the pre
be responsible for the murder. >> my dad may not get to sit with thanksgiving with us again, but -- >> he'll be there. >> i'm thankful they were able to put the people way who did this. >> the family is grateful for detective who's never gave up looking for clues. >> san jose authorities voicing concerns following the city's third pedestrian death in the last two days. a 50-year-old woman hit and killed crossing monterey road just before 11:00 last night. the 24th killed in san jose this year. that is an eight-year high. >> it's high. and we're concerned. so, you know we're asking drivers to drive cautiously and pedestrians to use caution. >> the woman's death follow twoz others on sunday a 3-year-old named elijah hit by a truck in the crosswalk being pushed in a stroller. his 5-year-old sister and 13-year-old friend suffered minor injuries. hours later a 14-year-old girl was hit and killed in front of james hook high school. grief counsel yerls spent second day ofrn campus. >> the father of sasha flieshman now says the family wants teenager who lit sasha's skirt on fire triered as a tee
in the middle of the night. >> thanks for joining us. >> that self-proclaimed arsonist is in custody. amy hollyfield joins us from the scene. >> residents say it has been a terrible last few days of erratic behavior including turning on the vacuum cleaner in the middle of the night and leaving it on for hours, shouting and banging on the walls and they are not surprised he is accused of setting the building on fire. many of them now are learning from people who have been inside that their homes are completely destroyed. when firefighters arrived at 2:50 they had to fight it from the outside because it was so big. as they tried to put it out, one of the residents confessed on camera, that he used a lighter to set fire to the building. >> i'm the one that started it. i take full responsibility. >> what happened? >> crazy. they tryied to make people think i was crazy. >> he was rescued from the balcony and then police took him into custody shielding him from the public with a blanket and charged prado with arson. >> i'm in shock realizing i probably lost everything. >> seven people lived ins
. it's not long before princess and another girl are offered to us. 1,500, pesos, under $40. mama lucy is what is called a mamasan. she manages the girls. we decline her offer. but she calls benjamin to come meet us. >> hi. good to meet you. >> sitting at the bar -- >> reporter: within minutes the 6'6" texan tells us about his sex life and his business. a former waitress had written to his wife in california on facebook. which lead to this shocking and frank statement. >> she is saying i have underaged girls, [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. oblivious to our hidden cameras, benjamin tells hus he has a 16-year-old girlfriend who lives out back. >> tiny, dark skinned girl. needed a police to stay. place to stay. i bought a bar to do it. >> reporter: after texting her to come over, she walks in. she is so young. that we are blurring her face to protect her identity. [ indiscernible ] >> benjamin's declaration was so stunning, the following morning we felt we had to alert special agent eric mcgloughlin. building a case against benjamin. on tape, i have had sex with underaged girls repeatedly. that's
meteorologist ginger zee right here. >>> the secret talks between the u.s. and iran revealed tonight. the blockbuster nuclear deal this weekend. what does iran have to give up? what do they get in return? and is it worth it for america? >>> the lotto lie. the customer and the winning ticket. the store owners who police say handed him $1,000. the problem is, he'd actually won $1 million. tonight, authorities say, nice try. and we've learned, it's happened before. >>> and dancing with the stars. the usher already famous to some nba fans. but what happens when they put this 11-year-old on the jumbotron next to him? so you think you can dance? >>> good evening. great to have you with us here on a sunday night. if you look behind me tonight, a viewer sending us this from out west tonight. this is a big week for americans. more than 43 million traveling this thanksgiving. tonight, the weather map with a holiday greeting of its own. a giant storm system, record rains and snow in states like oklahoma, texas and new mexico, and if you are watching on the east coast tonight get ready, it's com
much for spending a little bit of time with us on this thanksgiving. and happy hanukkah, as well, to everybody celebrating there at home. lots of bookkeeping to take care of. >>> sam, meanwhile. samuel j. joining us in philadelphia this morning. right there in the middle of the oldest parade in the country. we'll talk to him in just a bit. ginger zee, meanwhile, outside in the sub arctic new york. hopefully the balloons shall fly this morning. and it is great to have paula faris, dan harris and sara haines all here this morning. happy thanksgiving. and happy hanukkah, guys. >> and thanks to everybody who tuned in to us this thanksgiving morning. >>> we have a lot to get to this morning. including lots of last-minute tips and tricks as you get ready to dig in with friends and family today. we'll let you know everything you need to know to get cooking. and sara promises to have good desserts that we can't wait to try ahead in "pop news." >> right? >> yes. i always bring food. >> josh is cooking. >> i am indeed. >>> we have a lot of weather to get to. and samuel j. all bundled up in
cheryl jennings. >> from all of us here, we the breaking news this friday night, the deadly shooting at l.a.x., the passengers running for their lives. >> we have an active shooting in terminal 3. >> the tsa officer shot dead. what was the motive? our late reporting from the scene tonight. and my interview with a passenger, the chilling moment face to face with the gunman. what the passenger said convinced it saved his life. >>> then the other breaking news tonight, the terror takedown, alleged master mind behind attempted plot at new york times square killed tonight. >>> the river rescue, the school bus underwater, their driver injured. what the children did to save their own lives. >>> and our persons of the week tonight, our mascots. we go behind the mask tonight, they put me in a harness, what they make me do over at american arena, not the time to be afraid of heights. >> one, two, three. >>> good evening on this friday night, diane has the evening off, as we come on the air for the west coast we begin with chaos and panic at l.a.x. in los angeles. a lone gunman pulling
you can >> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, november 3rd. let's start with a quick first look at the weather with with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, carolyn. the sun was up at 6:38, setting at 5:08. the live doppler shows us we are clear to start out but the wind advisory still up in the north bay hills through tomorrow morning. it will be breezy above about 1,000 feet and then a few more clouds. 4s and 50s now but we will be in the 60s around the bay and inland noontime. 50s at the coast right on through the afternoon. partly cloudy, cooler and breezy today. we will look for the pattern to continue for the next day or so. but then more changes on the way. i'll have them coming up in a few minutes. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. we begin this morning with developing news out of west oakland. firefighters have finally been able to put out a two-alarm fire an 11th street. it began around 6:30 this morning. officials say firefighters arrived and found flames coming out of the one-story building. the cause of that fire is now u
from surgery in a san francisco burn center. laura anthony joins us live. laura? >> reporter: this is a case, he was barely visible and after the hearing his mother did speak with us she said her son is very remorseful, that he didn't realize someone could be hurt so badly. the d.a.has a very different take on it. >> i'm sorry for what happened. >> as they left the courtroom, the family of richard thomas says thomas is not a hateful person despite what charges against him might indicate. >> reporter: what kind of boy is he? >> he's a good kid very good kid. >> he was joking around. >> reporter: a junior in high school, he is charged with felony assault and mayhem. police say he lit the passenger on fire, while fleeshman was asleep on the bus monday afternoon. fleeshman wearing a skirt the victims' parents say the 18-year-old doesn't identify as male or feel yale. the district attorney released a statement quote, richard thomas violence and senseless conduct resulted in severe trauk injuries to a young, innocent victim. in the criminal complaint the officer said, quote, dur
lip which led to the battery charge. some students this morning told us they were surprised it happened here. >> it is again the norm to think that anyone would do that to a person to another human being ...just hurts to happen in our dorms. that crazy. >> the prosecution says they decided to file the hate crime charge because of the bullying and symbols of hatred and the fact he was the only person of color in the suite and the only one targeted. the three students could face a year in county jail. the black student union is holding a rally today at noon on campus. >> now the latest on the palo alto retiree being held prisoner in north korea, the 8 a year old has been stuck in the country if three weeks and our reporter, katie marzullo, is monitoring the story. >> his son says they are trying to get his heart medication to him. the swedish ambassador got it to the foreign affairs ministry but they do not know if he has it. the swedish department start is coordinating with the korean embassy. he was traveling with a friend who lives at th
.s.a. officer. thank you for joining us. i am kristen sze. >> los angeles police surrounded terminal 3 at lax. the suspect has been stopped but police are taking precautions in case there are other shooters. >> we are going to the newsroom. >> details are coming in. we saw the f.b.i. arriving. this started at 9:30 at a checkpoint inside terminal 3 that houses air tran, alaska and jetblue. a man fired shots with a rifle at a security check point. it ended up with several people wounded. at least three. one wore a t.s.a. officer uniform and we believe the t.s.a. officer was shot. police and security immediately moved in ordering people to get out, evacuate the terminal. some went on to the tarmac where they were loaded on the buses. the suspected shooter has been shot and taken into custody but we talked with a local man by known who flew in and said all hell broke loose. >> all hell broke loose because people were pouring out of the terminal on to the tarmac. police arrived, the cars came driving up. we were watching this all happen, thinking, this is really weird. i heard two shots fired outs
now? why the rules are about to be changed when it comes to using your cell phone mid-air. the government about to lift the ban on cell phones above 10,000 feet. what it all means for your next flight. >>> hijacked on the highway. dramatic, new video just released of this terrifying ordeal on a school bus, held hostage by a mad man. the incredible chase all caught on tape. how police rescued the children with the help of a hero bus driver. >>> and waking up today a free man. michael skakel granted bail. out from behind bars for the first time after 11 years after a court overturns his conviction. his cousin, robert f. kennedy jr., joins us live this morning, only on "good morning america." >>> and we do say good morning, america, on this friday morning. and it is so appropriate to see rfk jr. here with us in times square, on this 50th anniversary of the assassination of his uncle, president john f. kennedy. there, as you see the eternal flame at arlington national cemetery. and the white house flies the flag at half-mast this morning, as well. >> the images and sounds
told us, he told us the city has gone bat nuts. he says the city, it's a proud day to be a san francisco civic an. this is myles scott's wish. he told the make-a-wish foundation, even surprised his parents when he said, "i want to be batman for a day. the make-a-wish foundation has made that come true. the city has sprung into action beyond anyone's expectations. i'm hesitant to peel away from this in case he pulls up, but i want to take you to a video clip. abc 7 news is in on the action. and we -- we started his morning with a news brief. the police chief alerted him with a video clip in his hotel room. we'll watch, we have a few seconds before he gets here. must have exciting for him to watch in his hotel room. >> we grin this broadcast with breaking news -- begin this broadcast with breaking news from the hall of justice. >> please, caped crusader, we need you, and bring -- >> reporter: that kicked off the morning for 5-year-old myles at siskiyou county. he transformed into bat kid. he has a batman to drive him around the city so he can fight crime today. they have a bat mo
>> thanks for joining us. >> from all of us here, back tonight the fumble and the scramble by the president. trying to fix obama care, announcing a big change while taking the blame over and over. >> we did fumble the ball on it. i'm the head of this team. that's on me. >>> thinking fast. caught on camera. two homes collapse into a giant sink hole. families forced to clear out as the hole grows wider. >>> and real money. do you have thousands of dollars just lying around your home? >> are you totally surprised right now? >> yeah. >> that's a lot of money. >> we turn one family's clutter into a lot of cash tonight. >>> and a good evening to you on this thursday night as we begin with a moment in the obama presidency unlike any we have seen before. the commander in chief under fire, trying to quiet the fury surrounding his signature achievement, obama care, today announcing a change in the rules, but the measure of what this means for his leadership can be seen in his face. take a look at these pictures from three and a half years ago, the joy, the confidence as he signed oba
, horrible accident. >> this woman tells us her 41-year-old cousin is the victim. he was at this intersection in vallejo when the female driver of this car struck him. >> i can tell you that there is no crosswalk in that area. it is fairly dark there. >> kno the impact knocked the victim into the next lane where he was hit and dragged by the 89-year-old driver. he finally stopped in front of emily's house. >> my children heard tires screeching. they looked out and saw the body under the tront end of the car. >> firefighters had to use air bags to lift the car and remove the victim who died at the scene. the elderly driver lives in her neighborhood. >> physically seems to do pretty well, gets around okay. most of the time we see him and he is walking. he gets around okay. >> the victim's relative tells us he regularly crosses this intersection and her cousin had been disabled by polio since childhood. in vallejo, alan wang, abc7 news. >>> new at 11:00, two men are in the hospital tonight after their truck crashed off a north bay road, flew down a 30-foot em bank meant and ended up on its roof
the fall storm that does not want to leave yet. meteorologist mike nicco will tell us what to expect as you head out the door. >> from overnight the power goes out to thousands of pg&e cuss tores across the south bay and the newest update from crews trying to get the lights back on. >> we know how much san francisco spent for the event that allowed a little boy to become the contained d -- caped crusader for day. mike? >> we have live doppler 7 hd on livermore where the rain is pulling to the southeast down across the vineyards and a few sprinkles possible downtown and a few sprinkles to light rain through the amount pass with rain around bay point and pittsburg headed out highway 4 and willow pass road and all getting wet. also, as far as what will happen upstream we have a break on the left side of the screen that is another public of energy bringing wet weather the form of scattered showers this afternoon sfo arrival delays at 30 minutes and oakland and san jose on time. the steady rain this o and rain towns to scattered showers this a
in the crowd and in line. all poised in front of their tvs. join us today, won't you. it's #onedongma. >>> and it's very cold out there. but it could be worse than it is. that storm, going to make holiday travel a mess. looking live at flightradar24. lets look at the number of planes in the air already this morning. it's going to be a busy day with so many delays. you know too well about this, sam. >> wednesday, the big travel day delays on that day, as well. the good news here is that we're pretty much out of it on thursday. let's get everybody settled in to where the storm is right now. our area of low pressure that's caused so much problems in the south and the middle of the country is probably hanging right now right along the gulf coast. this low drives towards atlanta. passes north carolina. and moves towards new york city. right about this time tomorrow, the low is parked outside our doors in times square, spinning some of the worst wind and rain in our area. between now and then, it has the east coast to get to and a lot of folks traveling in the next 24 hours. there's some sn
see people here to help us. short, long flight from new york for a short weekend. so, just want to go. see my family. sit by the pool. and hang out, but i'm not. it's not happening. >> virgin america bore the brunt of the disruptions. >> for more on those flight delays let's check in with david louie. >> reporter: well, cheryl, a lot of delays of the flights come together bay area delayed about an hour, hour and a half, many of them have been cancelled. san jose international airport has become the fall back position for airlines with planes with no place to land once lax was shut down. and passengers on those planes were going to anxiety as they tried to figure out what is going on on the ground. airline passengers were left up in the air, how they'd get to their destination when told mid flight about the shooting. >> they came over the loud speaker and said there had been a breech at lax. and that they'd decided because the airport was closed to divert to vegas. >> the southwest flight had tv and wi-fi >> just following it live as it's happening. and found out what it was. and so,
for joining us. >> investigators are reviewing surveillance video as lax. we will tell you what is going on with the shooting free that happened in los angeles on friday. the gunman targeted t.s.a. officers but the motive is still not clear. an officer was killed, two were wounded. now more from los angeles on this story. >> paul ciancia arrived at the airport on friday like a regular passenger. we have learned a roommate dropped him off at terminal 3 unaware of the plan. according to the complaint, surveillance video shows ciancia walking up to the check point pulling out an assault rifle and shooting dass officer gerardo hernandez pointblank. the document also says that the gunman walked away but he saw the wounded officer moving, he came back and shot him again, killing him. >> this is the first t.s.a. employee killed in the line of duty. >> the f.b.i. says ciancia shot his way through the terminal wounding two other officers and a teacher, shot in the leg. >> he dragged himself into a closet where he found a sweatshirt which he used as a tourniquet to slow or stop the blood. >> after
are lucky to be here. >> they have been around longer than man kind itself. but only a few of us have seen one in the wild. >> there it is. >> and meteorologists are saying it could be one of the biggest storms ever. >> this is a monster storm. >> with millions of people in the path of the super typhoon, we are following the trail of destruction in southeast asia. >>> good evening. taking revenge on a cheating lover or person with whom your lover is cheating. no longer requires a dramatic public confrontation. you can bring life-altering shame through a simple blog post. tonight we are going to take you behind the scenes of an extremely controversial new website. this is the story that involves love, betrayal, humiliation, and pressing new questions about fairness and privacy? here is abc's linzie davis. >> i really, really am sorry about it. >> reporter: dana scott's tears and apologies were not enough for the woman who claims dana almost ruined her marriage by having a year and a half affair with her husband. >> if dana can't handle the humiliation of all this then you shouldn't have sle
is not affecting other than spectator slowing. southbound away from 980 expect the slow traffic. you can use embarcadero or 7th street. across the rest of the bay, the golden gate bridge is eight minutes and along the bay bridge to the tolls and san francisco is eight minutes and along the san mateo bridge, 13 minute-drive. pretty clear everywhere else this morning and i will keep you updated weapon the signature alert lifts. >> traffic is thick in the north bay and developing rapidly and dangerous conditions are developing along with it. we down to quarter-mile visibility in napa and three quarter in santa rosa and everyone else is okay. we will watch novato because you will see the fog rolling in your neighborhood. the rest of us have partly cloudy up north and clear conditions. all of us will have high clouds getting thick are bit moment in the afternoon. look at the red, just to the north of clear lake and cloverdale during the later part of the afternoon that is how fast the system is going to roll in. upper 50's and san francisco and half moon bay and richmond and vallejo and the rest
down surrounding the motorcade. >> we the have complete coverage with updates on twitter following us at abc7 news. >> an amtrak train from new orleans to new york has derailed in south carolina. they are trying to figure the cause of the train leashing the -- leaving the northern part of the state of south carolina. some passengers were taken to local hospitals but there were no major injuries reports. 200 passengers have to make the trip by bus. >> a 61-year-old marine vet is hospitalized after saving a woman plunging from the third deck of the coliseum. both were rushed to the hospital where our reporter got accounts of the drama. >> investigators combed sections 301 of the coliseum the closed off area where a woman jumped 15 minutes after the game ended. she was up there alone and intentionally fell despite pleas from a couple dozen people below urging her not to jump. one tried to catch her. >> she dropped so fast i could not harley believe it. it knocked the gentleman to the concrete and she bounced off andly the side of her head on the concrete. >> the woman and the man who tri
by following us at abc7 news. >> new this morning fire crews put out a fire that broke out at home in campbell. the police department shared this video of the fire that started inside a home near hamilton avenue. no one was hurt. firefighters rescued a dog. the dog is expected to be oh came investigators are now looking into what sparked the place. >> developing news. civil rights leaders are calling for more serious charms in the hate crime case at san jose state university. matt keller joins us from san jose state. a news conference will be held the next hour or so? >> that is right. we just received an e-mail sent out by san jose state's president to the student body. in it says he does not clearly express the accountability for what the student endured. the president continued by saying and i quote, "by failing to recognize the meaning of a confederate flag and intervene earlier or impose sanctions as soon as the gravity of the behavior was cheer, we failed him, i failed him." the president will be at the naacp press conference at noon. four white freshmen were suspended and three face hat
for starting your day with us. how is the weather going to be on this tuesday? mike if. >> warmer than yesterday by a couple of degrees. you may not notice it. good morning, the reason why is the cloud cover, the high clouds are here and they are high clouds and no radar returns on live doppler 7 hd. beautiful picture of the embarcadero and ferry building down to the bay bridge which has the wonderful lights on right now. 62 to 66 is our temperature, high temperature inland and bay neighborhood and 59 to 62 at the coast. we will have a lot of thicker and higher clouds this afternoon compared to yesterday but, still, mild. >> we have a new accident at the altamont pass traveling eastbound 580 where you will find the big rig and two other vehicles off to the shoulder. a couple of tires fell off the back of the big rig and hit the other vehicles. it does not sound like lanes or blocked but we are noticing spectator slowing eastbound. the westbound area is. ing moving through tracy and away from 205 up to 580 and over the a pass, it starts to loosen. northbound 85 we had an depth on the co
jokes and bully him. he used a lighter to start the fire. >> hate was delivered on me. i had hate too. >> police arrested the 45-year-old on suspicion of arson and tell us he had been released from a 24 hour psychiatric hold >> we're lucky nobody was killed. >> residents used daylight to salvage what they can. some speaking out, frustrated they feared their neighbor could be dangerous, trying to get help. >> we reached out to every avenue between property management and police department. between section eight, he went to john george. here he is. >> in this tragedy there was triumph. this good samaritan brought food, water and toilet tris from a market. joe trimbell owns that market. >> it's like middle america here in the bay area. >> middle america extending arms to hold brothers and sisters in need tighter. >> not just one individual made a poor choishgs it -- choice, it could have been prevented. >> officials put the damage in neighborhood of $800,000. >> a man learned today he will not face criminal charges for starting a wildfire near mount diablo. the fire burned 3100 acres sta
>> good morning, everyone, i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, november 3rd. let's start with a quick first look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> carolyn, good morning to you. the winds are a little breezy in the hills. but we are clear this morning. not tracking any rain. as we go through the next couple of hours, we are looking at still cool temperatures. in fact, numbers have dropped into the 30s for parts of our north bay valleys around napa. but by noontime we will look at partly cloudy conditions, 50s and 60s around the bay. temperatures today will be held down and it will be breezy. in fact, we will be looking at breezy winds once again throughout the evening hours. so temperatures only in the 50s and 60s today so the cool trend, the dryer air mass with us this morning, it's going to stick around. i'll let you know for how long, when we will warm up, if we are going to see any rain. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. just one day after a fatal shooting at lax, a scare for passengers at sfo. police board a plane and escort a man off a jet
the eastern u.s., the weather is cold. >> unseasonably cold. check out the map right now, showing readings we're more used to seeing in late december, as opposed to mid-november. it's something of a rude awakening this morning across the southeast. the first snow flurries of the season in raleigh, north carolina. >> the kids love the snow. and they're getting ready to go on the buses. they were very, very excited. just a few flakes start falling. and they were just ecstatic. >> reporter: they better dress warm this morning. low temperatures will be in the 20s. stretching all the way from near the gulf coast to western texas. further north, the extreme cold is replacing a lot more snow. parts of michigan are dealing with over a foot. that was more than enough to put a smile on some adorable faces. but it was trouble for drivers. not quite ready for the winter-like conditions. >> a little early in the year for this. but it is what it is. >> reporter: police in buffalo, new york, are blaming black ice for a 20-car pileup that shut down a highway for hours. luckily, this autumn blast of arctic we
>> from all of us, thanks for watching we'll see >>> welcome to "world news." tonight, travel nightmare, that monster storm threatening the busiest travel day of the year. snow, rain and wind, our team on the roads and in the air. will those giant balloons in the macy's thanksgiving day parade be grounded. >>> held hostage, the white house weighs in. will our new relationship in iran free this retired fbi agent held captive longer than any american? >> please help me get home. >>> real deal, news tonight about the secrets of those black friday prices. why some of the those big sales may not be such a big bargain after all. >>> and on top of the world -- ♪ you don't know you're beautiful ♪ >> new york's central park center stage for one direction's blowout concert. the formula for creating the biggest pop group on the planet. >>> good evening. diane is off tonight. as we come on the air a ferocious storm system with very bad timing is creating all kinds of trouble. look at the countdown clock, one of the busiest travel days of the year hours away and this is the storm, powe
thanks for joining us. >> world news >>> welcome to "world news" on this thanksgiving. the mall of madness, it is here and earlier than ever. the strategy revealed tonight, why the stores are racing to rack up sales and how you can win. our team on the hunt tonight, the best deals they could find. >>> home free, after driving through the storm to get there, what do you face on your way home. haven't seen that much snow this early in a decade. abc meteorologist ginger zee right here. >>> neighborhood nightmare, the 9-hour standoff. a gunman opening fire on place. tonight one officer lucky to be alive. >>> and the modern american mishap, tonight the thanksgiving videos and the butterball operators on the line with "world news," the crazy questions they heard today from panicked cooks. >> they've been in closets where they're whispering. >> hold on. "world news" starts now. >>> good evening on this thanksgiving. diane is with her family tonight, and it's great to have you with us here. despite the storm millions had to travel through, you made it. tonight, right to the images here.
. but what a mess. look behind me. this building used to be an art gallery. a lot of debris that we're used to finding and a lot more colorful. inside, nine children, six adults having a birthday party. they sheltered inside in the bathroom. and survived. unfortunately we can't say that for everyone else in the path of this storm. >> there it is. there it is. >> there it is. >> oh, my goodness! >> wow! >> reporter: a relentless barrage of twisters. >> wow. >> reporter: more than 140 tornado warnings paralyzing the midwest. >> oh, my gosh. you can feel the temperature change. >> reporter: one with winds estimated up to 200 miles per hour. >> we got debris. we got transformers blowing. chilling sunday prayers of survival. >> our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. [ screams ] >> reporter: cameras capturing every second -- >> go, go, go, go. >> reporter: as the deadly storm blasted through five states. >> we're seeking shelter right now. it's on the back porch. >> reporter: and after the nightmare, the eerie sound of nothing. entire neighborhoods in illinois flattened. >> we just s
:00. thank you very much for joining us on this wet day. >> we will find out where and when we will need the umbrellas. mike? >> we all need the umbrella at some point. the question is, when? where is it raining now? the latest update is right there from live doppler 7 hd. off to the east you can see sonoma and east napa boulevard and possibility of light rain. this is spreading over to 29 up to st. helena possibly wet. check out along the coast headed over to guerneville you will get wet in the next half hour. from the east bay hills, most of the rain is going to stay up north until 7:00 and then it will spread south so the commute is tough in the north bay and tough for all of us in the evening hours because it will be wet. temperatures are very mild, mid-50's at the coast to mid-60's inland. leyla gulen? >> cautious is the word if you are driving through those wetter areas. if you decide to ditch the car 39 trains are running on time and we mostly accident free across the roads. if you take the car, it is moving along just fine. in the areas mike was talking about 101 from santa rosa
are big when you have to say "no" to the president. >> thanks for joining us at 6:00. >> i am sure the president used a bat signal he could come back. >> first, the weather. mike? >> good morning, everyone, we will look at live doppler 7 hd with good news. it is dry. we have the possibility of poor air quality, though, on the "spare the air" day with no burning of wood unless you want to pay $100 fine or go to school. 46 degrees is the temperature at 7:00 around the bay. we are at 57 at noon. a few high clouds and you 61 in the afternoon and mid-50's in the evening. not so heavy a coast as needed this morning. in the 30's many inland valleys this morning. at 58 and hazy at noon. we will hang an the low-to-mid 60's and hazy throughout the afternoon. high clouds and mid-50's headed through the evening hours. at the coast, it is clear and 48 and a light freeze and up to 59 by noon. we have high clouds at 4:00 and 58 and cooler here at 52 with high clouds in the evening. dress promptly. >> someone flipped a switch. we did not experience too many accidents and suddenly a bunch popped up
. thanks for starting your week with us. >> thanksgiving is just a few days away... >> turkey. pie. mike? >> i can smell the gym so i can eat the turkey. >> do you say jim with >> low 60's to mid-60's across the board today from 60 at half moon bay to livermore, a warm spot at 65 and 64 in napa and santa rosa, oakland, fremont, palo alto, san jose, at 65. the commute? >> so glad of that portion of the conversation is over. good morning, everyone, at 5:00, we are starting you off accident free but we have a big of construction and congestion to get to. first, the congestion over the altamont pass, what is surprise, 37 miles per hour with bumper-to-bumper traffic away from tracy and 205 with things tapering off and we have eastbound traffic along 580 up to the dublin interchange. plan ahead. here is a look at our drive time traffic away from sausalito to san francisco, you are at eight minutes and highway 80 the bay bridge is eight minutes to get you from the maze to san francisco. the san mateo bridge headed away from hayward to foster city is 12 minute drive. outside, san jose, here we c
good shape. he told us he's more worried about the young woman is and says marine training prepared for a situation many people couldn't imagine. >> i'm not a hero. i don't want to say, i don't wear a batman suit or superman. or these, you know, these characters i just reacted the way i did. >> the man who tried to catch a woman who jumped from the third deck after yesterday's raider game told abc7 news he'd do it again. >> i braced myself to catch her. i was hoping i could, when i caught her, i could lock arms around her to absorb impact with me. but unfortunately, she hit and she bounced off. >> the 61-year-old ended up with severe bruising but no serious injuries when the young woman he tried to catch landed knees first into his arms. sending both of them to the pavement. >> he said what ran to his mind is don't let people see this. try to save her and stop it. >> just 15 minutes after the raider game a vietnam war veteran they were walking outside they sought woman, 45 feet above. she crawled out on to a ledge. >> the training you receive in the marine corps is, it's you don't r
card. i've saved $75 in checked bag fees. [ delavane ] priority boarding is really important to us. you can just get on the plane and relax. [ julian ] having a card that doesn't charge you foreign transaction fees saves me a ton of money. [ we can go to any country and spend money the way we would in the u.s. when i spend money on this card, i can see brazil in my future. [ anthony ] i use the explorer card to earn miles in order to go visit my family, which means a lot to me. ♪ in order to go visit my family, which means a lot to me. >> where are the bodies? he killed 6 women and was sentenced to death. in an exclusive jail house interview serial killer joseph meso sits down tonight with the i team dan noyes. good evening. >> this evening abc 7 news i team just got the first interview with serial killer joe mays 0. >> sentenced to defendant row for killing 6 women in the late 1970's to mid 90's and dan is back from the marin county jail with the remarkable story. >> i have been working on meso for the past 2 years. each mailing him. seeing him in court app person at the jail. my
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